Delicious Melting Chocolate Pumpkin Mousse Recipe for Halloween

Indulge in the rich and velvety delight of Melting Chocolate Pumpkin Mousse, a decadent treat that's perfect for Halloween. This tantalizing dessert features a luscious melty chocolate decoration and a delightful infusion of pumpkin flavor. By incorporating caramel tablets, you can elevate the sweetness to a whole new level. The addition of Mont Blanc cream and chocolate garnish further enhances the visual and gustatory appeal of this dessert. What's more, the pumpkin paste is crafted without sugar and boasts a gentle sweetness thanks to the inclusion of maple syrup.


Let's get started on creating this delightful treat. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Pumpkin Paste

1. Begin by wrapping the pumpkin in damp kitchen paper, then double-wrap it. Microwave at 600W for about 3 to 3 and a half minutes until the pumpkin becomes soft.

2. Once done, remove the soft skin of the pumpkin and strain it through a colander.

3. Add maple syrup and water to the strained pumpkin and cook over medium heat until it becomes smooth and fully cooked. You'll need 80g of this for the mousse, and the rest can be used for the Mont Blanc cream or frozen for future use.


Now, let's focus on creating the mousse:

1. Make a cornet and add the melted chocolate. Use the cornet to decorate the inside of the pudding bottle. Gently tap the bottom to create a thick and visually appealing decoration.

2. In a separate pot, add the pumpkin paste, milk, and caramel tablets. Heat this mixture over low heat, ensuring it doesn't come to a boil. Stir until the caramel tablets are completely dissolved. Simultaneously, in a separate bowl, combine the egg yolks and granulated sugar.

3. Gradually mix some of the pumpkin sauce into the bowl with the egg yolks (begin with a small amount to prevent burning the yolks).

4. Incorporate the egg mixture from step 3 into the entire pumpkin sauce.

5. Continue heating the mixture over low heat until it thickens. Don't worry if it becomes thicker than when you started.

6. Add the soaked gelatin to this mixture and let it melt with the residual heat. To ensure it cools evenly, place it in an ice water bath, being cautious not to cool it too much (as it hardens below 20 degrees).

7. Whip the fresh cream until it's nice and fluffy, around 7 minutes. Add half of it to the mixture from step 6.

8. Once the mixture is well combined, add the remaining fresh cream to achieve a perfectly smooth mousse.

9. Pour the mousse into your decorated jar, ensuring it reaches a similar height as the chocolate decorations.

Chocolate Decoration for Topping

1. Create charming Halloween-themed decorations using white and black chocolate pens. Craft ghosts and spider webs, making sure the spider webs are layered for sturdiness.


1. Finish off your Melting Chocolate Pumpkin Mousse by whipping some fresh cream for topping. Decorate it by piping an appropriate amount of pumpkin paste using a Mont Blanc nozzle.

2. Complete the presentation with your delightful chocolate decorations, and you're all set to enjoy this spooktacular treat!

Indulge in the rich flavors and delightful aesthetics of this Melting Chocolate Pumpkin Mousse, a perfect addition to your Halloween festivities. Your guests will be thrilled by this decadent dessert with a delightful pumpkin twist!