Here’s How You Can Make Chocolate Turkeys Out of Strawberries For The Cutest Thanksgiving Dessert


Hello, sugary alchemists! Welcome back to our delightful sweet corner! Today, I'm serving up a real treat that'll make your Thanksgiving spread adorable and ridiculously appetizing. We're skipping the traditional pumpkin pie and apple strudel this time, and boy, it's going to be rewarding. We are making - wait for it - Chocolate Turkeys Out of Strawberries!

This whimsical dessert idea stems from a video by the creative TikToker, @_ellagrace12, and as I found on Totally the Bomb. It's unique, fun, and guaranteed to bring a smile to your guests' faces.


But first, let's gather up our ingredients. You'll need:

  • Strawberries
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Melting chocolate

Here's the sweetest turkey-making tutorial you'll come across:

Step 1: Strawberry Turkey Bodies

First off, grab your strawberries. These succulent red treats will serve as our turkey bodies.

Step 2: Marshmallows and Pretzel Sticks Galore

Next, you need your mini marshmallows and pretzel sticks from your pantry. Poke the pretzel sticks through the marshmallow until you reach the middle. Your turkey now has legs, incredibly cute, edible ones too!

Step 3: Attach Legs to the Bodies

Use your melted chocolate to stick the pretzel and marshmallow legs on either side of the strawberry.

Step 4: Chocolate Enrobing

Now, for the part we all love, the chocolate! Coat the strawberry with the attached turkey legs in a generous helping of melted chocolate. Be gentle and make sure you have an even coating. After this, carefully place the strawberry turkey on a skewer to let it dry.

Step 5: Serve After the Feast

Once your chocolate has set and hardened into a shiny, inviting shell, your cute and delicious Chocolate Turkey Strawberries are ready to awe your guests. Serve them on a chic white platter following the traditional Thanksgiving meal.

And just like that, you've not only prepared a delectable dessert but also added fun and memorable conversations to your Thanksgiving gathering. Enjoy the joy of giving (and eating!) this Thanksgiving.

Stay cheery, treat everyone dearly, and keep creating kitchen miracles. See you at the next adorable dessert DIY!