Strawberry Santas: Your New Summer Elves!

Hello there, foodie fam! Today we're taking a trip to a summer wonderland with a recipe that'll become your backyard BBQ MVP. Meet my adorable little Strawberry Santas - a low-budget, high-delectable, festive snack. Perfect for holiday get-togethers, these perky little Santas are not just a crowd-pleaser but are also surprisingly guilt-free. Without any further ado, let's get started!

Here's the guest list for our Santa-making party:

  • 20 medium-large strawberries (We need them hulled so they stand tall and proud like our Santa)
  • 4oz of Philadelphia Light cream cheese (The lighter side of decadence)
  • 4–6 teaspoons of gluten-free icing sugar (Sweetness tailor-made to your taste)
  • 40 mini dark-choc bits or chocolate chips (These little beauties will light up our Santas' faces)

Here's how we'll whip up these cuties:

Step 1: Berry Preppin'

Preface every strawberry by chopping the top third off, but don't let it go, we'll be needing those. Arrange your strawberry bases on a platter like eager little elves ready to be dressed up.

Step 2: Creamy Dreamy

Combine the cream cheese and icing sugar, and whip them until they're as smooth and creamy as a winter snowfall in the moonlight.

Step 3: Decking our Santas

Now here's where it heats up! Pipe about a teaspoon of the creamy mix on each strawberry base. Carefully mount the reserved tops on the cream to fashion our Santas' hats. Then grab the smallest piping nozzle you've got, and pop a dollop on the tip of each 'hat' (the pompom!) and on the 'chest' creating a cute little button.

Step 4: Bring Life to the Faces

Now it's time to play Santa-tician. Employ a tweezer to position two chocolate bits or chocolate chips on each cream face - say hello to Santa's twinkling eyes! Cool them off in the fridge until it's time to party.

Voila! Your delightful army of Strawberry Santas is ready to march right into your hearts. Easy to make, fun to look at, and oh-so-yummy to munch on. A healthy dessert choice that's also a conversation starter? Sweet! Enjoy the festive cheers, my dear readers!