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Pistachio Kuglof Recipe: Easy-to-Make Sweet Gift

Let's simplify and rephrase the provided recipe for a Pistachio Kuglof decorated with edible flowers, making it easier to understand. This version aims to be more straightforward and casual in language.


For the cake:

- 100g unsalted butter

- 80g granulated sugar

- 35g pistachio paste

- 95g whole eggs

- 20g honey

- 95g soft flour

- 3g baking powder (aluminum-free)

For the syrup:

- 10g granulated sugar

- 10g water

- 10g 3-Tannen German Kirsch 45%

For decoration:

- 80g white chocolate for coating

- A mix of 10 edible flowers (like the seasonal mix from 87farm)

- Some dried edible flowers (e.g., cornflower pink mix)


1. Prepare the mold: Grease a Kuglof mold with butter and dust it lightly with flour.

2. Chill the ingredients: Let the butter and whole eggs come to room temperature.

3. Sift the flour: Combine the flour in a bowl.

Mix the cake batter:

1. Cream the room temperature butter with a hand mixer, then add the granulated sugar in three parts.

2. Mix well while adding air each time, and whisk until it becomes white and fluffy.

3. Add the pistachio paste and mix with a hand mixer.

4. Add the whole eggs, beaten, in five portions. Mix thoroughly after each addition until the mixture becomes emulsified.

5. When the mixture begins to separate, add a bit of flour and mix.

6. Add honey and mix well.

7. Add the flour and baking powder and mix gently.

8. Once the dough is shiny, it's ready to be piped into the prepared mold.


- Bake at 170℃ for 30-35 minutes. Adjust the baking time based on your oven type.

Syrup application

- Boil water and granulated sugar together, then add kirsch.

- Brush the cake with syrup while it's still hot.


- Melt the white chocolate and coat the cake while it's hot.

- Decorate with edible flowers before the chocolate sets.

Enjoy your homemade Pistachio Kuglof!

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