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The Most Adorable Gender Reveal Cake You'll Ever See

The Easy Gender Reveal Cake is a delightful and innovative way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new bundle of joy. This cake is not just a dessert but a fun and interactive experience that brings joy and excitement to the family. It's a three-layer ombre cake, with each layer dyed a different shade of pink or blue, depending on the expected gender of the baby. 

The cake is moist and delicious, made from vanilla cake batter, and frosted with creamy vanilla buttercream. The center of the cake is hollowed out, filled with sprinkles, and topped with a layer of cake, creating a surprise that's revealed when the cake is cut. This cake is perfect for a gender reveal party, as the color inside the cake immediately indicates the baby's gender, making it a memorable moment for the family. The simplicity of the recipe, combined with the excitement of the reveal, makes this cake a hit at any celebration.


- Syrup:

 - Water: 20g

 - Granulated sugar: 10g

- Gender Reveal Cake:

 - Frozen sponge cake: 1 size 5

 - Fresh cream: 100g

 - Powdered sugar: 10g

 - 2 types of fruit: appropriate amount


1. Syrup: Combine water and granulated sugar in a microwave-safe container and heat until boiling. Use this syrup when you're feeling better.

2. Gender Reveal Cake:

   - Thaw the frozen sponge cake in the fridge.

   - Cut out the center using a round circle or cookie cutter. If you don't have a mold, use a round cup or similar and cut around it with a knife.

   - Cut the hollowed-out sponge in half.

   - Brush the syrup onto the sponge.

   - Whisk powdered sugar into fresh cream with ice until it peaks.

   - Cut strawberries for sandwiches and filling. Slice for sandwiches and cut into pieces for filling.

   - Place a sponge on a plate or cake mount and spread cream with a spoon.

   - Top with sliced strawberries and spread fresh cream on top.

   - Layer the sponges together, mixing the cream that oozes out from the inside with a large spoon.

   - Add strawberries and cover with a sliced sponge.

   - Apply a nappe using a palette knife or large spoon.

   - Decorate the top with two types of fruit, avoiding the cut part.

   - Create "boy?" and "girl?" flags with toothpicks and paper for decoration.


- Soak the knife in hot water (about 60℃) and wipe it thoroughly.

- Repeat these steps each time you cut.

- Cut the sponge part on the surface and pull it towards you; the fruit will come out neatly.

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