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Indulge in the Delectable Fusion of Rum Raisin & Canelé Coffee Cake!

Experience a delightful twist on the traditional coffee cake with our Rum Raisin Coffee Cake in charming canelé shape! Each bite is a perfect marriage of rich coffee aroma and the sweet essence of rum-soaked raisins nestled within the soft, moist layers of cake. With its unique canelé shape, this cake not only tantalizes the taste buds but also captivates the eyes with its elegant presentation. Elevate your coffee break or dessert time with this irresistible Rum Raisin Coffee Cake in canelé form!


- For the Cake:

 - 35g Eggs

 - 100g Granulated Sugar

 - 50g Rice Oil

 - 30g Milk

 - 30g Plain Yogurt

 - 90g Light Flour

 - 20g Cocoa Powder

 - 1/2 teaspoon Baking Powder

- For the Cheese Filling:

 - 40g Cream Cheese

 - 25g Rum Raisins


1. Prepare the Ingredients:

   - Let the eggs reach room temperature.

   - Sift the flour.

   - Mix the yogurt and milk. Let the cream cheese come to room temperature.

   - Spray the mold with oil spray.

2. Make the Cheese Filling:

   - In a bowl, mix the cream cheese with a rubber spatula.

   - Add the rum raisins and mix well.

3. Prepare the Cake Batter:

   - In a bowl, mix the eggs with granulated sugar, adding it in 2-3 portions and mixing well each time.

   - Gradually add rice oil and mix well with a hand mixer at medium speed.

   - Add half of the flour and mix well. Then, add the yogurt and milk mixture and mix well.

   - Add the remaining flour and mix. Finally, add the remaining yogurt and milk and mix well.

4. Bake the Cake:

   - Divide the batter into 6 equal parts. In hot weather, wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate.

   - Put the dough into a piping bag.

   - Pour half of the batter into a mold sprayed with oil spray and top with cheese filling.

   - Add the remaining batter to cover the cheese filling and smooth the surface.

   - Bake in an oven heated to 170℃ for 15 minutes, then lower the temperature to 150℃ and bake for another 15 minutes. If the dough doesn't stick when inserted with a bamboo skewer, it's done baking.

Enjoy your Rum Raisin Coffee Cake in Canelé shape! 

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