Delicious Strawberry Mochi: A Sweet and Chewy Dessert Delight!


Hey there, fellow foodies! Today, I'm excited to share a delightful and irresistible treat that will have you craving for more - Strawberry Mochi! 🍓🍡 If you've never experienced the delectable combination of juicy strawberries and chewy mochi, get ready to embark on a taste adventure that will leave you wanting seconds.

I stumbled upon a fantastic Strawberry Mochi recipe on The Feedfeed (source: https://thefeedfeed.com/nm_meiyee/strawberry-mochi), and I couldn't wait to bring this mouthwatering creation to your kitchen. Making this sweet and fruity dessert at home is easier than you think, and the results are simply divine.

So, let's roll up our sleeves and get ready to make some heavenly Strawberry Mochi!

How To Make Strawberry Mochi - Step-by-Step


- 1 cup sweet rice flour (also known as glutinous rice flour)

- 1/4 cup sugar

- 2/3 cup water

- Potato starch or cornstarch (for dusting)

- Fresh strawberries (choose ripe and juicy ones for the best flavor)

- Red food coloring (optional, for a vibrant color)


1. Prepare the Strawberries:

- Start by washing and drying the fresh strawberries. Remove the stems and cut them into small pieces. Set aside for later use.

2. Make the Mochi Dough:

- In a microwave-safe bowl, combine the sweet rice flour, sugar, and water. Mix well until the sugar dissolves completely.

- Optional: If you want a pink hue for your Mochi, add a few drops of red food coloring to the mixture and mix until well incorporated.

- Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, leaving a small vent for steam to escape. Microwave the mixture on high for 2 minutes, then remove the bowl and stir the mixture with a wooden spoon.

- Cover and microwave for an additional 1 minute until the dough becomes sticky and translucent.

3. Shape the Mochi:

- Dust a clean surface with potato starch or cornstarch. Turn the hot mochi dough onto the surface and dust the top with more starch to prevent sticking.

- Use a rolling pin to roll out the mochi into a thin layer, about 1/8-inch thick.

4. Assemble the Strawberry Mochi:

- Take small pieces of the mochi dough and flatten them into circles with your hands.

- Place a piece of fresh strawberry in the center of each mochi circle and wrap the mochi around it, pinching the edges to seal it completely.

5. Serve and Enjoy:

- Your homemade Strawberry Mochi is now ready to be devoured! Arrange them on a plate and serve immediately.

6. Storage Tip:

- If you have any leftovers (which is rare!), store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Enjoy within a day or two for the best taste and texture.

The delightful combination of juicy strawberries and chewy mochi in this Strawberry Mochi is pure bliss. Each bite is a burst of sweetness and softness that will leave you craving for more.

Whether you're serving this lovely dessert at a gathering or enjoying it as a personal treat, Strawberry Mochi is a surefire way to impress your guests or satisfy your sweet tooth. It's a perfect balance of fruity freshness and chewy indulgence that will keep you coming back for seconds.

So, gather your ingredients, follow these simple steps, and let the kitchen magic unfold with your very own batch of Strawberry Mochi. Happy munching! 🍓🍡