Easy Recipes Mango Mochi For Happy Thanksgiving


This mango and cream-filled mochi is a delightful treat ready to brighten your day, made from simple ingredients including glutinous rice flour, cornstarch, sugar, milk, butter, and pumpkin powder. Once the mochi dough is prepared, the filling is created by whipping heavy cream and sugar until stiff, then combined with fresh mango cubes. By placing the filling on each sealed mochi dough sheet, fold and close tightly before storing it in cupcake liners. The mochi is then cooled in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before being served. This recipe provides a unique way to enjoy the tropical taste of mango with the chewy texture of mochi, making for a perfect snack for various occasions or just lounging at home.



  • 110g glutinous rice flour
  • 30g cornstarch
  • 40g granulated sugar
  • 185ml milk
  • 15g unsalted butter
  • 10g pumpkin powder


  • 300ml heavy cream
  • 30g granulated sugar
  • Fresh mango cubes


  1. In a clean microwave-safe bowl, mix together the glutinous rice flour, cornstarch, granulated sugar, pumpkin powder, and milk until smooth. Sift the mixture once, cover the bowl with microwave-safe plastic wrap, and poke a few holes in the plastic wrap.

  2. Steam the mixture for 20-30 minutes, or microwave for about 3 minutes, until fully cooked. The batter should turn into a solid, translucent dough with no visible liquid.

  3. Transfer the cooked dough to a stand mixer bowl, add the unsalted butter, and mix until combined and the dough is soft and stretchy.

  4. In a separate clean bowl, whisk together the heavy cream and sugar using a hand mixer until stiff peaks form. Transfer the whipped cream to a piping bag and refrigerate.

  5. Dust your working surface and the dough with extra cooked glutinous rice flour to prevent stickiness. Divide the dough into six equal portions and shape them into flat, round sheets.

  6. Fill each sheet with whipped cream and fresh mango cubes. Fold and seal the edges, then place each filled mochi in a cupcake liner.

  7. Refrigerate the mochi for at least 30 minutes before serving.