Elevate Your Delight with Kuma-chan Cookie Shoe Magic

In a dance of flavors, our Kuma-chan Cookie Shoe starts with a tantalizing cookie dough. Let's explore the magical alchemy of ingredients:

 Cookie Dough Ingredients (Quantity: 10 pieces)

- Unsalted butter (40g)

- Fine granulated sugar (30g)

- Light flour (40g)

Crafting the Choux Fabric Elegance

Transitioning seamlessly, the choux fabric adds a layer of delightful texture to our creation. Equip yourself with the following elements:

Choux Fabric Ingredients

- Unsalted butter (30g)

- Water (50g)

- Salt (1 pinch)

- Light flour (40g)

- Whole eggs (approximately 2 eggs or 110g)

The Heart of the Matter: Custard Cream Extravaganza

As we delve deeper, the custard cream takes center stage, infusing richness into every bite:

Custard Cream Ingredients

- Milk (360g)

- Vanilla beans (4cm)

- Egg yolk (2 pieces)

- Granulated sugar (90g)

- Light flour (18g)

A Symphony of Flavor: Diploma Matte Cream

Harmonizing the elements, the diploma matte cream brings a creamy crescendo to our masterpiece:

Diploma Matte Cream Ingredients

- Fresh cream (200g, divided)

- Granulated sugar (10g)

- Custard cream (total amount)

The Grand Finale: Bringing Kuma-chan to Life

Let the magic unfold as we assemble the Kuma-chan Cookie Shoe in its full glory:

Finishing Touch Ingredients

- Chocolate pen (brown, as needed)

- Powdered sugar (optional, as needed)

Tools of the Trade

To embark on this culinary adventure, arm yourself with the following tools:

- Bowl

- Hand mixer

- Rubber spatula

- Whisk

- Hand pot

- Piping bag

- Round cap (No. 7)

- Powder sifter

- Strainer (for custard)

- Knife

- Cutting board

- Wave knife

Crafting the Culinary Symphony: Step-by-Step Guide

Preparation Prelude

Before we dive into the creation process, a few essential steps set the stage:

1. Begin by crafting the cookie dough. Simultaneously, preheat the oven to 190℃ for the impending choux pastry.

2. Split the vanilla pods and extract the seeds.

Crafting the Cookie Dough

For those seeking cookie perfection, follow these steps:

1. Combine flour, granulated sugar, and butter in a food processor until crumbly. If a food processor is unavailable, manually mix cold butter with sifted flour and sugar until a cohesive texture forms.

2. Envelop the dough in plastic wrap and roll it to a 3mm thickness using a rolling pin. Allow it to cool and firm up in the refrigerator for about an hour.

3. Cut out 4.8cm rounds and maintain their cool composure.

Mastering the Choux Fabric

For a fluffy and flavorful choux fabric, follow this rhythmic sequence:

1. Melt butter, water, and a pinch of salt in a pot until boiling. Ensure complete butter dissolution.

2. Introduce sifted flour and reheat (desseche) for approximately 30 seconds. Be cautious not to overheat.

3. Gradually add room temperature eggs, maintaining a smooth consistency. The dough should slightly bow when touched.

4. Pipe the dough into 4.5cm diameters, crown it with cookie dough, and mist before baking at 190℃ for around 35 minutes.

Enchanting with Custard Cream

Elevate your Kuma-chan experience with a luscious custard cream layer:

1. Whisk together egg yolks, granulated sugar, and vanilla bean seeds until a whitish texture is achieved. Add flour and mix.

2. In two parts, introduce boiling milk with vanilla pod. Strain the mixture into a bowl for easier mixing, cover tightly with plastic wrap, and cool promptly.

3. Ensure a lump-free, cooled custard cream before proceeding.

Harmonizing with Diploma Matte Cream

Achieve a velvety finish by embracing the diploma matte cream:

1. Let granulated sugar and fresh cream stand in ice water for 8 minutes. Reserve 30g for the finishing touch.

2. Combine the remaining fresh cream with custard cream in two parts, blending gently.

Unveiling the Kuma-chan Finale

Witness the grand reveal as Kuma-chan comes to life:

1. Generously squeeze Diplomat cream onto the choux, crown it, and etch a bear's face with chocolate.

2. Optionally, sprinkle powdered sugar for an extra touch of elegance.

Embrace the Culinary Magic

Indulge in the symphony of flavors as you savor each delightful layer of our Kuma-chan Cookie Shoe. Crafted with precision and passion, this masterpiece is poised to elevate your culinary repertoire. Dive in and experience the magic!