Elevate Your Delight with Effortless Mini Baked Donuts

Discover the simplicity and delectable flavor of these easy-to-make mini-baked donuts! Unveiling a recipe that requires no butter but guarantees deliciousness. Ideal for both adults and children, these bite-sized delights can be transformed into a visual masterpiece with the addition of partaglace. Let's delve into the culinary magic and create a treat that not only satisfies your taste buds but also captivates the eyes.

Ingredients for Culinary Bliss

Mini Baked Donuts

- Salad oil...50g

- Granulated sugar...50g

- Honey...10g

- Whole egg...1 piece

- ★Soft flour...80g

- ★Almond poodle...20g

- ★Baking powder...3g

- Milk...45g


- Partaglace (Ruche)...30g

- Partaglace (Phrase)...30g

- Partaglace (Matcha)...30g

- Partaglace (Lemon)...30g

- Partaglace (Caramel)...30g

- Nuts and fruits of your choice...as appropriate

Essential Tools for Culinary Artistry

- Wilton Mini Donut Bread 12CAV

Culinary Symphony Preparation

1. Lightly brush the donut bread with butter or salad oil.

Crafting the Perfect Mini Baked Donuts

1. Sift together the ★ flours.

2. Mix granulated sugar and honey with salad oil, whisking until combined.

3. Add the whole egg and mix. Incorporate the flour and milk alternately, stirring vertically with the whisk. Avoid overmixing; stop when the powder is no longer visible.

4. Fill the mini donut pan up to the 8th-minute mark and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 13 to 15 minutes.

Artful Decoration

1. Cut the partaglace, place it in a bowl, and melt it over a hot water bath.

2. Dip the completely cooled donuts into the partaglace, ensuring an even and delightful coating.

Embark on a culinary journey with these easy mini-baked donuts that promise both simplicity and gourmet delight. Elevate your dessert game by exploring the endless possibilities of partaglace decoration. Perfect for any occasion, these mini delights are a testament to the fact that great taste can indeed come in small packages. Dive into the world of effortless culinary excellence and savor the magic of these mini-baked wonders!