Flambé All the Way: A 5-ingredient Lemon Custard Brûlée Recipe


Hey there, sweet-toothed warriors! What if I told you that you could whip up an irresistible Lemon Custard Brûlée with just 5 everyday ingredients? Sounds like some good culinary magic, right? Let's break it down:

What You’ll Need:

  1. Bright and shiny lemons: 4
  2. Baking soda: 1 tsp
  3. Whipping cream: 250 ml
  4. Castor sugar: 100 g
  5. Vanilla extract: ½ tsp

To Sprinkle the Magic: Some More Castor Sugar.

Let's Get Cracking!

  1. Firstly, treat your lemons to a nice baking soda bath. Give them a good rub and rinse under running water. Pat dry with a kitchen towel.

  2. Zest the lemons until you have about 1 tsp of this aromatic peel.

  3. Cut the lemons in half and scoop out the inner juicy goodness.

  4. Squeeze the life out of the remaining lemons. Now, pour your whipping cream, castor sugar, vanilla extract, lemon juice, and lemon zest into a pan.

  5. Give it a good whisk till it starts to simmer gently. Then, strain it.

  6. Now the fun part, pour this creamy custard back into your lemon shells. Refrigerate until it sets into a delectable firmness.

  7. Now summon your inner pyromaniac! Sprinkle castor sugar on top and torch it till it turns a pretty caramel color.

And there you have it! An easy-peasy Lemon Custard Brûlée that's bound to make you the life and soul of every dessert party! You see folks, fascinating gastronomy doesn't always require a gazillion ingredients or an elaborate kitchen dance, sometimes, simplicity truly is the ultimate sophistication.