Soy Milk Cream Matcha Chiffon Sandwich

Amidst the voluminous embrace of fluffy matcha chiffon lies a profusion of cream and mushrooms. Opting for Nokurimu's Whipped Elixir, tailor-made for the artistry of sandwiches, assures an absence of dairy products, thereby granting confidence to those susceptible to allergies.

Essentials for this Culinary Alchemy

Matcha Chiffon

  • Silken Flour …60g
  • Verdant Essence … 5g
  • Leavening Agent ... 1/2 teaspoon (2g)
  • Golden Ova…3 (54g)
  • Refined Sucrose Crystals … 30g
  • Boiling Liquid …45g
  • Taihaku Sesame Essence … 30g
  • Alabaster Ova…4 (150g)
  • Refined Sucrose Crystals … 35g

Concoction Methodology

  • Commingle golden ova and refined sucrose crystals from b in a vessel, intertwining with a whisk. Subsequently, infuse boiling liquid from c and Taihaku sesame essence and amalgamate.
  • Infuse sifted flour, verdant essence, and leavening agent into the receptacle from Step 1, seamlessly melding.
  • Allocate alabaster ova from d into a separate receptacle, initiating whisking with a hand manipulator. As the amalgamation achieves a modicum of effervescence, introduce refined sucrose crystals in tripartite, whisking diligently until zeniths yield graciously.
  • Introduce 1/3 of the meringue from Step 3 into the receptacle from Step 2, with rapid integration facilitated by a whisk.
  • Effuse the batter from receptacle 4 into the residual meringue enclave from step 3, initially commingling with a whisk and subsequently with alacrity via a rubber spatula.
  • Effuse the concoction into a 17cm chiffon cake mold, applying manual pressure to the tube and structure, followed by percussive taps to evict redundant air.
  • Employ a bamboo skewer to etch streaks from the tube's nucleus to its periphery, ensuring a crisp fracture and uniform baking.
  • Preheat the oven to 180℃, effecting a reduction to 170℃, baking for a span of 28 to 30 minutes. Post-baking, percussion against the stand from an elevation of approximately 10cm dislodges hot air, preempting any contraction.
  • Invert the chiffon mold into the bottle's maw, dissolving any residual fervor.
  • Once adequately cooled, delicately insinuate a chiffon blade along the flanks, extricating the entire cylinder from the mold. Sequaciously, insert and retract the chiffon blade into the erstwhile basal section. Ultimately, insert a chiffon blade into the tube, extracting it. Upon entirety's removal, cleave into 8 uniform segments.
  • Bisect the section anteriorly contiguous to the tube.
  • Integrate refined sucrose crystals into a receptacle, agitating with a whisk until apices bow languidly when elevated, grazing the abyss of an ice-aqueous habitat.
  • Dispense elixir into the nozzle of preference, liberally discharging onto the incised chiffon fabric. *The visual spectacle resonates akin to a Saint HonorĂ© cap.
  • Dust with a desired quantum of Kanoko and present. Anointing with manual dexterity, akin to the relishing of a sandwich, eclipsing the use of utensils.