TDL Delight: Crunch Chocolate Bliss in Every Bite

Indulge in the delectable world of TDL Delight – Crunch Chocolate, a delightful treat that combines the richness of chocolate with the satisfying crunch of cornflakes and breadcrumbs. This easy-to-make recipe is perfect for sharing with friends or treating yourself to a sweet escape. Elevate your chocolate experience with this heavenly creation.


  • Chocolate bar…1 piece (50g)
  • Corn flakes (non-sugar)…30g
  • Bread crumbs…20g


1. Place the cornflakes in a bag and crush them finely.

2. Break the chocolate.

3. Heat in the microwave at 600w for 30 seconds at a time until melted, keeping an eye on it.

4. Stir in the crushed cornflakes and breadcrumbs.

5. Scoop it out with a tablespoon and grind it.

6. Drop onto a cookie sheet.

7. Complete by cooling and solidifying in the refrigerator.

8. Enjoy various versions by changing the type of chocolate or using white chocolate + flavor + food coloring.

How to Prepare

Transform your kitchen into a chocolate haven with these simple steps. From melting the chocolate to crafting bite-sized delights, this recipe ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable cooking experience.

Preparation Time

Whip up TDL Delight in just a few minutes! The entire process, from preparation to indulgence, takes approximately 30 minutes, making it a quick fix for your sweet cravings.


This recipe yields a delightful batch of TDL Delight Crunch Chocolates, perfect for sharing joy with friends or savoring as a personal treat.


1. Can I use different types of chocolate?

   Yes, experiment with dark, milk, or white chocolate for unique flavors.

2. How long should I cool it in the refrigerator?

   Allow at least an hour for the chocolates to solidify completely.

3. Can I substitute sugar-coated cornflakes?

   It's not recommended, as non-sugar cornflakes provide the perfect balance.

4. What variations can I try?

   Explore different flavors by adding extracts or food coloring to the melted chocolate.

5. Is this recipe suitable for gifting?

   Absolutely! TDL Delight makes for charming and delicious gifts, especially during Valentine's.

Elevate your chocolate game with TDL Delight – Crunch Chocolate. Whether for a special occasion or a delightful everyday treat, this recipe guarantees satisfaction in every bite. Share the love with homemade chocolate bliss that's sure to become a staple in your kitchen.