Floral Daisy Cake Decorations

 Hey there, bakers! I'm thrilled to share my favorite cake decoration technique with you today – creating a beautiful Daisy Cake! This tutorial is perfect for those who love a bit of floral flair in their desserts. Let's get started!

First things first, let's tackle that cake. We're going for a smooth buttercream finish here, folks. Frost your cake to perfection and then chill in the fridge. Trust me, this will make your frosting firm and ready to work with. So, pop your cake in the fridge for at least an hour or until it's nice and solid.

Now, grab your Wilton tip  104, and let's get creative with those daisies. Remember, the larger end of the tip will be the petal tip, and the smaller end will be the center of the flower. Start piping these daisy petals onto your cake in circular formations, keeping them about  1-2 inches apart. It's all about that layered effect, so keep going until your entire cake is covered in blooming beauty!

Lastly, we'll add those adorable centers to our flowers. For this, you'll need your Wilton tip  10. Pipe a small dot in the center of each daisy petal, and voila! You've got yourself one gorgeous Daisy Cake!

That's it! You've mastered the Daisy Cake Decoration. Happy baking!