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Torn Cinnamon Rolls: The Ultimate Guide to Making Them at Home!

Hey baking enthusiasts! Today we're going to dive into the delicious world of torn cinnamon rolls. These aren't just any cinnamon rolls; they're the kind that make you want to take a bite right out of them. So let's get started!

First things first, you'll need the following ingredients:

  • Strong flour (around  200g)
  • Sugar (about  20g)
  • Salt (around  3.3g)
  • Eggs (totaling  25g)
  • Water (approximately  113g)
  • Sliced almonds (to taste)
  • Cumin (to taste)
  • Granulated sugar (30g)
  • Powdered sugar (20g)
  • Water (for the dough, around  3g)

And don't forget to have these handy tools ready:

  • A muffin tin (either HM Square type  18cm or  15cm will work)
  • An oven sheet or silicone mat

Now, let's get our hands dirty with the steps:

1. Prepare the Dough: Start by combining the strong flour, sugar, salt, eggs, and water in a bowl. Mix until smooth, then add the sliced almonds, cumin, granulated sugar, and powdered sugar. Stir until everything is well combined.

2. Shape the Rolls: Fill the muffin cups halfway with the dough mixture, making sure to divide it evenly between each cup. This will give us nice, even torn rolls later on.

3. Bake the Rolls: Preheat your oven to  375°F (190°C). Place the filled muffin tins on the oven sheet or silicone mat and bake for about  15-20 minutes or until golden brown.

4. Let Them Rest: Once baked, let the rolls cool for a few minutes before removing them from the pan. It’s important to let them rest to ensure the crust sets properly.

5. Decorate: While the rolls are still warm, you can drizzle them with icing or sprinkle with powdered sugar if desired. You could also garnish with additional almonds or cinnamon.

That's it! You now have your very own homemade torn cinnamon rolls. Enjoy them hot, warm, or cold—they're perfect for any occasion. Happy baking!

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