Cute Easter Treat Idea: Easy Chick Macarons

The Easter Egg Chick Macarons recipe is a delightful treat that combines the classic French macaron with a unique filling, making it a perfect Easter dessert. The process starts with creating macaron shells, which require a precise mix of ingredients to achieve the perfect meringue consistency. 

Once the shells are baked to perfection, they're filled with a creamy mixture of marshmallow, white chocolate, and cream cheese, enhancing the macarons with a rich and sweet flavor. The final touch is adding a colorful face to each macaron, using a variety of Wilton colors to create a vibrant and festive look. This recipe not only offers a delicious treat but also provides a fun and engaging way to celebrate Easter, making it a memorable experience for both bakers and eaters.


Macaron Part:

- Rapid Macaron Powder: 50g

- Water: 32g

- Almond Powder: 50g

- Powdered Sugar: 50g

- Wilton Color (Yellow): A little


- Marshmallow: 50g

- White Chocolate: 45g

- Cream Cheese: 80g

- Milk: 10cc

- Wilton Candy Color: A little

Face Area:

- Icing Sugar: 30g

- Water: A little

- Wilton Color: A little


1. Macaron Part:

   - Mix Rapid Macaron Powder and Water in a bowl until it forms a meringue.

   - Whisk until it's hard enough to not fall over when you flip the bowl.

   - Add a bit of Wilton Color with a toothpick and mix well.

   - Add Almond Powder and Powdered Sugar all at once, then mix by scraping the sides of the bowl with a rubber spatula. This is called macaronage.

   - It's okay if it looks rough and drips down. Too shiny or too hard to form is bad, and too soft will crack when baked.

   - Once done, pipe onto a macaron mat on a baking sheet and bake at 140 degrees for 18 to 22 minutes.

2. Filling:

   - While the macarons cool, mix all filling ingredients in a small pot, heat, and mix until warm. Stir to combine without boiling.

   - Mix and color your favorite colors. Use oil-based candy colors.

3. Assembly:

   - Once cooled, add the filling to the macarons. You can use a squeeze bag or a spoon.

   - Mix Icing Sugar with a bit of water, knead, and color for the face. Use red, brown, yellow, and orange.

   - Draw the face and bangs on each macaron.


- The best time to eat is the day after the filling and macaron batter have blended together.

- Let it rest in the refrigerator overnight.