Easy Easter Cake: One-Bowl Colorful Rabbit Cake

Let's simplify and rewrite the Easter colorful rabbit cake recipe in a casual English style, making it easier to understand. This recipe is about making a fun and festive cake perfect for Easter celebrations.

Ingredients for the Cake

- 50g Unsalted Butter

- 50g Granulated Sugar

- 50g Whole Egg

- 10g Lemon Juice

- 50g Light Flour

- 10g Almond Powder

- 1g Baking Powder

Ingredients for Decoration

- Appropriate Amount of Lucera White Chocolate

- Appropriate Amount of Lucera Sweet Chocolate

- Small Quantity of Wilton Primary Candy Color Set

- Appropriate Amount of Sugar Paste Powder

Making the Cake

1. Mix the Butter and Sugar: Start by putting the butter and sugar in a bowl. Use a whisk to mix them together until they're well combined.

2. Add the Egg and Lemon Juice: Next, add the whole egg and lemon juice to the bowl. Mix these in as well.

3. Combine the Flour: Now, add the sifted flour to the mixture and mix everything together.

4. Pour into a Mold: Once you've got your batter ready, pour it into a mold. Make sure your oven is preheated to 180℃.

5. Bake: Bake the cake in the oven for 16 minutes.

Decorating the Cake

1. Prepare the Sugar Craft: Add water to the sugar paste powder and mix it. Use the Wilton candy color to add your desired color. Cut out the flowers and shape the ears.

2. Melt the Chocolate: Melt the Lucera white chocolate and color it with Wilton candy color. Coat the top of the cake with this chocolate.

3. Add the Ears and Flowers: Before the chocolate is completely dry, insert the ears and decorate with flowers.

4. Draw the Rabbit's Face: Melt the Lucera sweet chocolate and use it to draw the rabbit's face on a cornet.

This recipe is a fun and easy way to create a colorful and festive Easter cake. Enjoy your baking!