Low-Fat Lemon Cake with Only 1 Egg

The Lemon Cake made with one egg is a delightful treat that showcases the versatility of lemon in baking. This cake is not only flavorful but also a testament to the power of a single egg to create a moist and tender cake. The recipe emphasizes the importance of fresh ingredients, particularly lemon zest, and juice, which are key to achieving that perfect tangy flavor that lemon cakes are known for. 

The simplicity of the recipe, with just one egg and a few basic ingredients, makes it accessible for anyone looking to bake a delicious lemon cake. Whether you're preparing it for a special occasion or simply enjoying a homemade treat, this lemon cake is sure to be a hit.


- 1 egg

- 30g fine granulated sugar

- 10g honey

- 40g light flour (super violet)

- 10g cornstarch

- 1g baking powder

- 40g butter (unsalted)

- 10g lemon juice

- 1/2 lemon peel

For the Topping:

- 100g lemon glaze

- 100g pistachios (diced)


1. Roast pistachios at 120°C for 5 minutes.

2. Melt butter to 35°C and keep it warm.

3. Spray oil on the mold to coat it thoroughly.

How to Make:

1. Combine eggs, sugar, and honey in a bowl and warm until it reaches around 40°C.

2. Whisk until smooth.

3. Add baking powder, flour, and lemon zest.

4. Mix until no lumps remain.

5. Add melted butter and lemon juice, then mix gently.

6. Scoop the mixture from the bottom of the bowl and mix thoroughly until it forms a ribbon.

7. Place in a mold, bake at 180°C for 12 minutes.

8. Let the cake cool before removing from the mold.


1. Melt the lemon glaze and coat the cake surface.

2. Add pistachios to the glaze before it hardens.

This simplified version focuses on the essentials of making a lemon cake with a casual approach, making it easier to follow. Remember, the key to a great cake is the quality of the ingredients and the care taken in each step of the process. Enjoy your baking!