Rainbow on Your Plate: Colorful Buttercream Recipe! And Gradient Color


Creating a rainbow buttercream for your cake decoration is a fun and colorful way to add a pop of vibrancy to your dessert. Here's a simplified guide to help you mix and adjust your buttercream colors to create a stunning rainbow effect.

What You'll Need

- 2+ batches of vanilla buttercream (or any white-colored buttercream)

- Blue color gel (e.g., AmeriColor Sky Blue)

- Pink color gel (e.g., AmeriColor Deep Pink)

- Yellow color gel (e.g., AmeriColor Egg Yellow)

- Bowls and spoons for mixing

Step 1: Mix the Primary Colors

Start by setting aside 1-2 cups of buttercream for adjustments. Then, divide the rest into three bowls. Add a few drops of pink or red to the first bowl, blue to the second, and yellow to the third. Begin with a small amount and add more color gel as needed, especially if you're aiming for a pastel palette. Remember, colors will darken slightly over time.

Step 2: Mix the Secondary Colors

After achieving your primary colors, it's time to mix the secondary colors. Mixing primary colors creates secondary colors:

- Red + Yellow = Orange

- Yellow + Blue = Green

- Blue + Pink = Purple

Use about ¼ cup of each primary color to start, and adjust as needed.

Step 3: Adjust Color Temperature

You can tweak any color by changing its temperature. For example:

- Green + more Blue = Blue-Green (cooler)

- Green + more Yellow = Yellow-Green (warmer)

- Purple + more Blue = Blue-Purple (cooler)

- Purple + more Red = Red-Purple (warmer)

- Orange + more Red = Red-Orange (cooler)

- Orange + more Yellow = Yellow-Orange (warmer)

Start with 1 Tbsp of added primary color and adjust as needed.

Final Tips

- Start with small adjustments and add more color gel gradually.

- Experiment with different ratios of primary colors to create your desired shades.

- Remember, the key to a cohesive rainbow buttercream is mixing the primary colors first, and then creating secondary colors from those.

With these steps, you'll be well on your way to creating a beautiful, vibrant rainbow buttercream for your cake decoration. Enjoy the process and the end result!