No-Cook Fruit Jelly: Dessert Made Easy


Making Easy Fruit Jelly is a fun and refreshing way to enjoy a light dessert, perfect for any occasion. This recipe is versatile, allowing you to use your favorite fruits and even switch up the juice for a different flavor profile. Let’s dive into the steps to create this delightful treat.


For the Jelly:

- Gelatin: 18g

- Water (for gelatin): 80ml (at 50-60°C)

- Cider: 100ml (plus an additional 300ml)

- Granulated sugar: 30g

For the Topping:

- K&K Japanese Fruits, Yamagata Prefecture Mixed Fruits: 2 cans

- Your favorite fruits (such as mandarin oranges, and kiwi): as needed

- Remaining cider: 100ml

- Frozen Morinaga Dessert Whip (or any whipped cream): as needed


1. Ensure the water for the gelatin is at a temperature of about 50 to 60 degrees Celsius.

2. Pouring the jelly into a metal tray can help it solidify faster.


Making the Cider Jelly:

1. Dissolve Gelatin:

   - Add water (50-60°C) to the gelatin and stir thoroughly until completely dissolved with no lumps.

2. Mix Cider and Sugar:

   - In a separate bowl, combine 100ml of cider and granulated sugar. Microwave this mixture at 500W for 20 to 30 seconds to help the sugar dissolve.

   - Add the dissolved gelatin to this mixture and whisk well to combine.

3. Combine and Chill:

   - Add the remaining 300ml of cider to the bowl and mix thoroughly.

   - Scoop off any foam from the surface with a spoon.

   - Chill the mixture over a bowl of ice water until it starts to set around the edges.

4. Set the Jelly:

   - Pour the mixture into a container or metal tray and place in the freezer for about 20 minutes until solidified.

Preparing the Fruit:

1. Prepare Fruits:

   - While the jelly is setting, drain the canned mixed fruits and cut any additional fruits (like mandarin oranges and kiwi) into bite-sized pieces. For a fun presentation, you can cut the fruits into star shapes or other designs.

2. Crumble the Jelly:

   - Once the jelly has set, use a fork to crumble it into pieces to create a crushed jelly effect.

Assembling the Dessert:

1. Layer and Top:

   - In serving glasses, layer the crumbled jelly with the cut fruits.

   - Pour the remaining 100ml of cider evenly over the jelly and fruit in each glass.

   - Top with whipped cream and additional cut-out fruit pieces for garnish.

This easy fruit jelly is not only delicious but also visually appealing. You can customize it with different fruits and juices to suit your tastes. It's a quick and delightful dessert perfect for any time you want to impress your guests or just enjoy a refreshing treat. Enjoy!