Try These Cheese-filled Pancakes for Dinner Tonight

 Who doesn't love a good pancake? Now imagine them stuffed with gooey cheese—pure bliss, right? These Cheese-filled Pancakes are a delicious twist on the classic breakfast favorite. Perfect for a weekend brunch or a special treat, they're guaranteed to bring smiles to the table. Plus, they're super easy to make!

The secret to these delightful pancakes is the string cheese hidden inside, which melts into a deliciously stretchy surprise. Whether you’re using string cheese or mozzarella, the result is a rich, cheesy center that pairs perfectly with the fluffy pancake batter. These pancakes are best enjoyed fresh off the griddle, while the cheese is still warm and melty.

Ready to make your breakfast extra special? Follow these simple steps to create your own Cheese-filled Pancakes!


Pancake Batter:

- Egg: 1

- Sugar: 30g

- Milk: 80g

- All-purpose Flour: 95g

- Baking Powder: 5g

- Unsalted Butter: 20g, melted

- String Cheese (or Mozzarella): Just under 1 stick per pancake


1. Prepare Cheese: Start by cutting the string cheese into 5mm slices. Set them aside for later.

2. Mix Wet Ingredients: Crack the egg into a bowl. Add the sugar and milk, then mix well until combined.

3. Add Dry Ingredients: Sift the flour and baking powder together, then add them to the bowl. Mix until the batter is smooth and free of lumps.

4. Melt Butter: Melt the unsalted butter in a microwave-safe container, then add it to the batter. Mix thoroughly.

5. Preheat Griddle: If using a Smile Baker or similar griddle, turn it on and wait until it finishes preheating (usually indicated by a light turning off)

6. Grease Mold: Lightly grease the pancake mold with oil to prevent sticking.

7. Pour Batter: Pour a thin layer of batter into the mold quickly.

8. Add Cheese: Place about 5 slices of cheese in the center of the batter.

9. Cover Cheese: Squeeze more batter over the cheese to cover it completely, but be careful not to overfill as the batter will expand.

10. Cook Pancakes: Close the griddle lid and cook for about 4 minutes. After 4 minutes, open the lid and check if the pancakes are golden brown. If they are, remove them using a bamboo skewer or similar tool.

11. Serve Hot: For the best experience, serve the pancakes immediately. When you split them open, the cheese should stretch out beautifully.


- Fresh is Best: These pancakes are best enjoyed fresh off the griddle while the cheese is still gooey.

- Experiment with Cheese: Feel free to try different types of cheese to find your favorite!

- Avoid Overflow: Be cautious when adding batter over the cheese to avoid overflow.

Enjoy your cheesy, delicious pancakes for a breakfast or brunch that's sure to impress!