Indulge in the Creamy Decadence of Pumpkin Pudding

Dive into this dreamy culinary creation inspired by nature's golden gift—Pumpkin, a key ingredient that effortlessly stitches a specialty dessert named Pumpkin Pudding.

Gathering the Elements

For Pumpkin Pudding

  • Pumpkin or Frozen Pumpkin Paste 500g (Utilise approximately … 350g)
  • Eggs...4 pieces
  • Granulated Sugar ...100g
  • Milk…200ml
  • Fresh Cream ...200ml
  • Dover Rum 45% 100ml Pop the cork and pour about ...1 teaspoon (Subject to personal preference)

For Caramel Sauce

  • Granulated Sugar …80g (Labeled 'A')
  • Water… 2 tablespoons (Labeled 'A')
  • Boiling Water…2 tablespoons

Synergizing the Elements

  1. Harmonize the temperature of eggs with your surroundings.

  2. Commence the creation of a delightful Pumpkin Pudding.

  3. Crack the catalyst and stimulate the birth of homemade Caramel Sauce.

  4. Combine elements 'A' in a pan and allow it to simmer over medium heat.

  5. Once the solution begins to showcase a candy-like hue around the edges and bursts into fine bubbles, sway the pan until the entirety adopts a deep-brown persona. Incorporate boiling water into this art and create a melodious mix. 

  6. Transfer this caramel creation into a mold and let it achieve rigidity.

  7. (Regarding squash) - Should an excess of water trespass, place squash into a small pot and subject it to low heat therapy. Knead it until the surplus water disappears, converting it into a fluffy delight.

  8. Using Pumpkin paste? Enjoy the convenience of skipping the pureeing process. Yet, remember it might hold some water. Warm it in a small pot to bid farewell to moisture.

  9. Domesticate the wild eggs with a thorough beating. Add half the granulated sugar and initiate the blending process.

  10. Transfer the pureed pumpkin from Step 3 into a bowl, and introduce eggs in multiple turns. Ensure thorough incorporation at each stage.

  11. Aim for a smooth harmonious blend avoiding any bubbles.

  12. Insert milk, cream, and remaining granulated sugar into a separate small saucepan and expose it to a low flame. Monitor the heat lurking beneath the surface, ensuring the mixture doesn’t boil; merely warm it to mimic your skin's temperature, facilitating sugar dissolution.

  13. Gradually, incorporate the warm concoction from Step 8 into the one from Step 7. Blend well.

  14. Let the rum flow into the mix, follow it up with a good mix, and then run it through a colander for a smooth result.

  15. For the ultimate smoothness, pass it through a strainer with finer mesh.

  16. Invite the result to a leisurely bath inside the mold from Step 2.

  17. Station Step 8 on an iron plate, fill the surrounding area with hot water (60 to 80 degrees Celsius).

  18. Don an aluminum foil as a helmet and place it in the lower rack of an oven pre-set to 160℃, heating for 55 to 60 minutes.

  19. While a solid surface is admirable, permit a slight jiggle. Resist the temptation to poke it with a bamboo skewer.

  20. Let it rest atop a cake cooler. Once it achieves complete cooling, let it retreat into the refrigerator for an overnight expedition.

  21. Employ a knife to break the bond between mold and pudding gently.

  22. Cap it with a plate, flip it over, and liberate your creation from its mold confines.

  23. This is your moment of glory—slice it to your heart's content as the divine dessert yields under your knife!

  24. Relish the richness of pumpkin in every bite, but don't miss the silkiness with which it caresses your palate!