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How to Make Sakura Japanese Milk Pudding


Let's simplify and rephrase the Sakura Milk Pudding recipe into a more casual and understandable format, focusing on cake decoration for a clearer guide.


- Pudding Liquid:

 - Milk: 100g

 - Refrigerated Cotta Pure Cream 42%: 500ml

 - Cotta Fine Granulated Sugar: 250g

 - Yamashin Sangyo W Sakura Plus: 100g

 - Dover Sakura Liqueur 22%: 100ml

 - Nitta Gelatin New Silver: 100g

- Finishing:

 - Refrigerated Cotta Pure Cream 42%: As needed

 - Handmade Japanese Sweets Studio Japanese Flowers - Cherry Blossoms (Salted Cherry Blossoms): 30g


1. Pudding Base:

   - Apply a thin layer of oil to the pudding cup.

   - Mix W Sakura Plus and liqueur together.

2. Making the Pudding:

   - Place a small pot on the scale and measure out the milk, cream, and granulated sugar.

   - Heat a small pot to 50-60℃, then remove from the heat, add W Sakura Plus, liqueur, and gelatin, and mix.

   - Once the pudding liquid has cooled to around 30℃, strain it into a pudding cup and chill it thoroughly in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.

   - Remove the cooled pudding from the mold. Gently press the edges of the pudding with a wet spoon to create a gap, and it will easily come out of the mold.


- For a cherry blossom touch, add fresh cream and salted cherry blossoms to your pudding. This will give your dessert a beautiful and delicate finish.

This simplified version of the Sakura Milk Pudding recipe is designed to be easy to follow, with clear instructions for both the base pudding and the finishing touches. Remember, the key to a great cake decoration is to keep it simple and let the natural beauty of the cherry blossoms shine through. Enjoy your homemade Sakura Milk Pudding!

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